The Unofficial Bonnaroo: Part 1 - Like, Follow, Subscribe

Social Media can enrich your festival experience.

Okay, so this may be a little bias considering I’m the co-administrator for a Bonnaroo fan page (Hi Forever Bonnaroo!). I’ve done that little hobby-job since last December and it has improved my Roo immensely. I have listened to every line up artist, used the page as a platform to get my questions answered,  made new friends and the page has been an outlet for my creativity.   
You're already on the internet. Use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, blogs to gather advice and friends. 

You’ll notice when looking at most festival’s official websites they don’t have much as far as tips go or ways for festy besties to stay connected. Long time festivalgoers know this and have made a point to use social media to share tips and expand their Roo crew.

Some of my favorite heavily Bonnaroovian parts of the Internet are as follows:

Honorable mention to Inforoo, the Bonnaroovian gods who brought the festival to interwebs and gave the power to the people.

What websites, Facebook pages/groups, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels do you use to get ready for festival season?