Kansas Bible Company: It's Not a Cult. It's Your New Favorite Band.

When I was leaving Bonnaroo, I told my roo-mates, Kayla and Daniel that I was going to take a break from concerts for a few weeks. Kayla didn’t believe me, for good reason. I only lasted a week.

Last night I went to JJ’s Bohemia to see Kansas Bible Company and Waterfall Wash. Kansas Bible Company is a 12-piece band featuring a five-man horn line, three guitars, two percussionists, one bass, and keys. They met while attending college in Goshen, Indiana, formed a band, said fuck school and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. They now all live in one house. Together. Maybe… They are a cult.

KBC has been busy (converting followers) they just played Bonnaroo and East Side Hootenanny and last night's stop at JJ’s was the first show of their current tour.  I had missed their Sunday set at Bonnaroo. I was probably off somewhere in the middle of Centeroo, complaining about the heat. So I didn’t want pass up a chance to see them. Besides I was curious to how a band of their size would fit on JJ’s tiny stage. If you’re wondering they had 10 on the stage, 2 on the floor. If their tour includes a city near you, do not miss them. They are a fun live act. Horns = fun. They even have a few coordinated dance moves (like some sort of cult).

Just kidding about the whole cult thing. See, only a few of the members were wearing matching outfits. So... not a cult.

Go see them!

6/23 - Birmingham, AL - Good People Brewing Company
6/24 - New Orleans, LA - Howlin' Wolf Den
6/26 - Mobile, AL - Joe Cain Footmarchers' Ball
6/27 - Atlanta, GA - The Mammal Gallery
6/28 - Charlotte, NC - U.S. National Whitewater Center
6/29 - Charlottesville, VA - Crozet Pizza at the Buddhist Biker Bar
6/30 - NYC - Rockwood Music Hall
7/1 - Philadelphia, PA - MilkBoy Philadelphia
7/2 - NYC - PIANOS
7/3 - Pittsburgh, PA - Thunderbird cafe
7/4 - Cincinnati, OH - MOTR
7/5 - Bloomington, IN - The Bishop

Waterfall Wash

That bass drum...

The night's opening act, Waterfall Wash is also not a cult, but they should be followed as well. I love the folk of elements of their music. They have an autoharpist! I need more autoharp in my life. Listen to them here. Go "like" them so you'll know where they'll be next.