Feeling the Love! Who Wants a Sticker?

There's so much goodness to share today. Read this VICE article featuring yours truly by Lauren Schwartzberg. Then come back. I'll wait.

Okay, now that you're back.

I love this article. Sometimes these sort of things seem like, "Aww... look at that girl in a wheelchair. She's so inspiring, just by living her life." This article isn't like that. The purpose of an article such as this one is to show that live music and festivals are for everyone. I found the part about Mark Levin especially interesting and educational. Before reading what he had to say I wasn't aware of how the deaf community enjoyed music. And let's be real here, being on stage with Waka and trashing my dress are cool stories sans wheelchair.

But wait there's more...

They're so cute, I wanna cuddle them.

I must show off these adorable stickers, designed and hand drawn for Concert Hopper by artist, Sandra Martinez. You can follow her Instagram @ISANDRANN. I’m looking to share this cutest with some new pen pals. If you would like a sticker email me your mailing address via the Contact Me tab.

Thank you Sandra!