Be Streets Ahead and Join a Street Team


Back in November I set a goal to join a Street Team. I’m proud to say I’ve since started street teaming for Track 29 and I have already saved hundreds of dollars on tickets. Any avid concert hopper needs to be an active Street Team member. If you don’t know, a Street Team is a group of fans who promote a band, event or venue. Even though, they work for free street teamers earn tickets and/or merchandise usually on a point system where points are earned per task completed. It’s kinda like extreme couponing for concert hoppers. I emailed, Track 29’s Owner/General Manager, Monica Maples Kinsey and Professional Enthusiast a.k.a Street Team Captain, Jessica Bartet to gain insider’s knowledge of the trade.

Jessica (Street Team Captain - Track 29)

Monica (Owner/General Manager - Track 29) 

What would you say are the most important street teams tasks?

Jessica - Hanging posters- A lot of people don't believe in print anymore based on the domination of social media, but believe it or not there are still plenty of people that do not use online sources and rely on print ads and community sign boards. I always stop and look at them now (and takedown expired ones even if they are not for our venue, gotta keep the space looking nice!).

Staying on top of new announcements and keeping themselves informed about upcoming shows. Every member of our ST is like an ambassador, we want them out in public talking up their favorite artists that are performing at our venue. They can't very well do that if they don't know who's coming!

Monica - I echo Jessica's thoughts on the posters - you would be amazed at how many of our fans are off the internet including not having an email account that show up at our box office ready to purchase tickets for a show. With that said, no one can deny the need for social media sharing as well. We view our Street Team as an integral part to successful shows and the success of Track29. Track 29 embraces our street teams creativity & enthusiasm for music. They will forever be a part of Track29's history and family.


What is an example of the things your best street teamers have done to go above and beyond?

Jessica - The management for Shpongle asked the venue to create a promo video for their upcoming concert. We were able to get local community college film students involved and run around town wearing wild costumes and dancing in public places. It was such a fun day and the result was incredible! We have some that will volunteer at every single event we do, some that do posters every single time they are available and will probably never have to pay for a concert ticket here in their lifetime because of their hard work and commitment over the last 3 years! We have also added some of the ST all-stars to our staff and they continue to excel.

Monica - We are always watching & learning about who on the street team might want to join the T29 team as an employee. Some of our best employees started on our street team.

What are some benefits to street teaming other than concert tickets?

Jessica - Aside from meeting other enthusiastic, like-minded hype folks, it's a great opportunity really to show some love to the artists (and fans) we adore. There is such satisfaction in being part of something greater than yourself, greater than a single ticket, greater than a piece of merchandise anyone can buy. It's like when you really put in the footwork- hanging posters, share/invite all your friends to events via FB, hand out flyers, etc.- you come to the show and see all the fans waving their arms in their air and singing along in synchronicity you get this feeling like you were able to help this happen for them and for yourself. It makes the whole experience so much more meaningful. So do something great for yourself today, join a Street Team!!! :)


Monica - We also do grab bags of artist merchandise, autographed items, and incentives for Street Team members. We have had employee/ST events in the past and plan to host another before the summer is over. Every T29 Street Team member should be proud of their work in helping promote shows. They are a huge part of what we do and our and even Chattanooga's musical history. Coming to a show and knowing that your work & enthusiasm helped to bring this experience to Chattanooga and then to hear 1800 people singing every lyric at the top of their lungs hopefully translates to them that they are a part of a very special part of the music and culture here. We couldn't do it without them and we appreciate them more than we could ever show.

Think of it this way, you may not always have an extra dollar, but you always have an extra hour. Why not retweet some tweets or share a post and take a screenshot? Why not pass out handbills at concert you’re already attending? Why not spend some time hanging posters for an event you’re über excited to attend?

Contact Jessica at Jessica[at] today to start earning your Track 29 tickets.

Some other great opportunities to work for your ticket include:

  • Fly Free Fest - Sign up here.
  • AC Entertainment - I mainly just do their social media tasks and I have enough points for my next year’s Bonnaroo ticket. Sign up here.
  • The venues you frequent in your hometown. Just ask them!

Do it because you love the band or the venue.

Do it to promote the arts in your community.

Do it to meet other concert hoppers.

Do it to save money.