Don't Drink and Drive, Use Uber

I used the taxi service, Uber for the first time Friday. Since drinking and live music go hand in hand, I decided I would share the experience. Now I’m no expert on the topic, but I’m sure I’ve ridden in more taxicabs in Chattanooga than the average Chattanoogan. Since I don’t have a car, boyfriend or many concert-loving friends, public transportation is how I get to and from the shows you read about on here. Uber launched in Chattanooga on November 13th. I needed a ride to see Hard Working Americans at Track 29. Despite the controversy surrounding Uber, I downloaded the app and tried it out. I loved it. My wheelchair was the only hiccup. Then again, what else is new. The standard cab around here is a hatchback and the back of the vehicle is large enough that the driver can just set my wheelchair in without having to take it apart. Uber drivers use their personal vehicles. Both drivers I had Friday had to hassle with my wheelchair some to get it into their car.

In comparison to regular taxi services Uber is a dream come true. Here is why you should download Uber right now and have it ready on your phone whenever you need it.

  • Your ride arrives quickly. Request a ride and Uber pings the driver closest to you. Both of my rides were curbside in less than 5 minutes. I live fairly close to downtown, and I never had a driver from another company show up in less than 15 minutes. In the past, I’ve always called the other taxi companies in advanced and I’ve still had to wait to over an hour on multiple occasions. Sadly, I had to cancel plans a few times for the simple fact that my ride was taking too long to pick me up.


  • You know the ETA. The app uses a GPS signal from the driver’s phone to give you an accurate estimated time of arrival. You can even watch your ride on the map in the app.


  • No cash needed. Your credit card information is on file after setting up a Uber account. So you don’t have to worry about having cash on you or giving the driver your credit card information when paying with a card.


  • No dispatchers. I know technology takes the human element out of things, but in this situation that’s a beautiful thing. I don’t bite the hand that feeds me, so I won’t go into more detail.


  • You can plan your trip. Using the app you can get an estimated time of arrival and price of the fare before requesting your ride.


  • Clean Cars/Friendly Drivers So far I’ve only used Uber for one outing, but both the cars were clean, and the drivers were friendly.

Use promo code: tarynw59 to get your first ride free, and I’ll earn a free ride as well, so we’ll both be very happy.


Be safe out there, hoppers!