Fan on the (Poster) Run


We’re mere Concert Hopping mortals such as you. No one is just handing us concert tickets for the work we pour into our beloved website yet. So we street team. As previously mentioned, I have already earned enough points while promoting AC Entertainment on the interwebs to cover my Bonnaroo ticket. Now we are working to street team Christine to Bonnaroo. Even though social media sharing and screenshots will very slowly, but surely get you enough points eventually. We ain’t got time for that. So recently, we did our first poster run. A poster run is when you hang posters around your city to promote an event. You usually earn merchandise or tickets from a band or venue for your work. It may seem like a daunting task, but it’s a surefire way for you to earn concert tickets quickly.

Here’s our tips to make your poster run an easy one:

Do Multiple Poster Runs at Once

When you schedule a poster run with a band or street team see if there’s another run, you can do at the same time. While we earned points from AC Entertainment, we also were able to earn tickets from Track 29.

Plan your Route

Map out where you’re going. Look up business hours before you set off. This will save you tons of time. Doubling up on poster runs helped us know where to go. AC Entertainment doesn’t give you any suggestions where to hang the posters, but Track 29 is local and their packets included handy dandy lists of high traffic poster-friendly locations.

Don't Forget your Supplies

Have your posters, tape and list of stops ready.

Pick Good Spots

Only hang your posters in high traffic, poster-friendly places. It won’t do you any good to hang a poster where it isn’t suppose to be or where no one will see it. Avoid hanging them on poles or where there isn’t cover from the rain.

Take Down Old Posters

While you’re hanging your posters takedown and throw away all of the outdated posters. You’ll make space for your posters, and the space will look neater.

Document your Work

Take a picture of every poster you hang and keep your list of locations to get credit for your work.

image3 (1)

We hope this helps in your pursuit of more live music. Street teaming is a great way to not only support the music you love, but also save tons of money.

If you're interested in joining Track 29's Dispatchers email Jessica[at] and to join AC Entertainment's Street Team click here. Share your street team advice in the comments.