No Pictures Please: Why I Don’t Bother Getting a Fan Photo…


We have all heard it before, “Pictures or it didn’t happen.” Since we all carry cameras with us at all times now, of course you wouldn’t miss an opportunity to take a picture with one of your favorite artists. Profile picture for life! Am I right?! Nope.

It Can be Expensive

Meet and greet prices can range between $75-$3,000*. Luckily I’m not dying to meet any top 40 pop stars, so I don’t have to make the choice between eating that month and paying my rent or having my 15 seconds with Taylor Swift. Many of the artists I enjoy are hanging at the merchandise table after the show. (Which is a great way to sell stuff by the way.) Compared to a pricey meet and greet, it's much cheaper and more rewarding to hit up the merchandise table. Plus, I always feel obligated to buy something to either have a reason to talk to them or because they politely engaged my fangirling. 

It Cuts into Bonding Time

If Christine and I wasted our time taking a picture with Allen Stone we wouldn’t have had time to chit chat with him about vinyl records and Bonnaroo. If Starlee Kine would have wasted time taking a picture with Britney we would never know if Britney read To Feel Stuff. Well… Starlee actually did get a picture with Britney, but she did pay $2500 after all. I apologize for kinda spoiling Case #2 of Mystery Story, but that episode came out in June, so you should have already listened to it by now, just saying.

Also I’m a huge Starlee Kine fan and I know she has a Google Alert set up for herself, so…

Starlee Kine

Starlee Kine

Starlee Kine

Hey, girl, hey**...

It Probably Ain’t Gonna be Pretty

Buy yourself a lotto ticket if the picture you took in hurry with your idol is super cute, because what are the chances?! I’m a chronic blusher and an awkward human being, so we can guarantee most pictures taken with me aren’t going to be worth showing off.


Too Cool for That

You are a Concert Hopper! You see hundreds of live performances each year. You’ve been on stage with Waka Flocka Flame. You shoot the breeze with some of your favorite artists. You were interviewed by VICE. You know people who have special festival passes. You run a dope concert blog read by tens of people everyday. Well, most of that was me, but I’m sure some of it applies to you.

*Price range was an educated guest.

**Starlee Kine, let's solve a mystery together.