Red Fang, Torche, & Whores: Live at The Masquerade.

Fresh off the release of their fourth (4) full length LP, Only Ghosts, Portland natives Red Fang embarked on a quick one month, 25 city date tour. Accompanied by none other than Torche and Atlanta’s very own Whores that ends in Seattle at Showbox around mid-December. About a quarter of the way through the tour, the boys stopped off at the new location of The Masquerade (Atlanta) to give the crowd an incredible and unforgettable performance. This would be my first time at the new location of The Masquerade and I was very excited to see these three bands on tour there. Whores kicked off the night in support before their home crowd with a very powerful, spirited and highly energetic set from their discography. If you have never heard of Whores and are a fan of the Melvins, then I strongly urge you to check this band out today!

whores-ch-22Torche came to Atlanta to do one thing. And that was to leave the stage at The Masquerade on fire after they performed in support of Red Fang. It has been nearly two years since their last album was released, Restarter, and this makes me wonder if they are planning to release some new material in 2017? Only time will tell.

Red Fang are no strangers to Atlanta and The Masquerade, but this was not the same Masquerade. This meant nothing to Red Fang who treated this night like they were back in Atlanta playing for old friends. This is one thing about Red Fang I have always enjoyed at their shows. They get better and better each time I see them play live.

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