2017: What to expect from Concert Hoppers!

ch-logo 2016 is almost over.... This post could just be that one sentence and it would be a great article, but I decided to actually put some effort into this.

I contacted several "Hoppers" to see what they are looking forward to for 2017 and what their resolutions are.

Taryn Marie Balwinski (Publisher) 

I have 5 concert related new year's resolutions.

1. Document every set I see live. I want to keep a list of every band I see this year. I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this. It’s super simple to write a band’s name after their show. I am curious to find out how long it takes me to see 100 different bands in 2017.

2. Attend at least two local music events a month. We have such a great music scene here in Chattanooga and I need to be out supporting it.

3. Listen to a new or (new to me) artist at least once a week. I get lazy with my music listening sometimes and neglect to branch out to discover new music. When I get in a music rut I like to search music festival lineups and venue schedules for acts I am not familiar with.

4. Go to 4 or more music venues where I haven't been. Sadly, there are even some venues in Chattanooga that I have not patronized. Exploring new places should also introduce me to some new music.

5. Write at least one article for ConcertHopper.com a month. My resolutions should give me interesting content and make this an easier task.

I am not sure what my concert schedule will be this year. I’m going to go with the flow. This year I’m going to try to join the other Concert Hoppers at Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival. I am most excited for the second annual Make Music Chattanooga.

Christine Morton (Senior Editor) 

Concert related resolution for me is definitely to try to go to more concerts, lol, but maybe also try a new festival! Jazz Fest would be great, but maybe Hangout? Definitely want to try to broaden my festival horizons. I haven't looked in depth to any upcoming 2017 concerts, but I know that the band Dawes is coming to Chattanooga in April (and I've been lucky enough to see them 3 times now) and I'm a big fan of theirs, so I'm really looking forward to seeing them!

Ricardo Chang (Photographer

I can't even think about next week, let alone new year's.

Jamie Dawson (Videographer)

I plan on touring a lot with my solo project (The Flesh Void) and teaming up with a lot of people to make music. I also own a film production company called Confinement Films, so I plan on releasing more horror movies in the future.

As far as concerts go, I'm definitely gonna try to go to CalderaFest 2017 and check out Leaky Sockets 2017 in June.

Dora Robertson (Contributor

My new year's resolution is to just work as hard as I can at making my future a better one. As for concerts, I'm excited about next year, I'm not really sure yet. I suppose whenever Mastodon plays again.

Xerxes Tzolis (Editor in Chief)

For 2017, I am really excited for three (3) festivals at the moment (Okeechobee, Shaky Knees & Shaky Beats!) and only one show (Run The Jewels). But that can change tomorrow once more artists set some tour dates for 2017.